Every man is on the lookout for a star to guide their journey in life. We like to enjoy the journey by bringing the best tequila from Mexico to our table… Let’s embark ourselves on a unique and memorable journey.

PUERTO MAESTRO® is a registered tequila brand with an appellation of origin (produced in Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico). It is a product that, thanks to an artisanal process, allows us to export to the international market a proven premium tequila, resting assure we are sharing with you a product of the highest quality. We are proud to offer our premium tequila in 3 categories: silver, extra aged, and ultra aged.





The history of Premium Puerto Maestro brand Tequila is inspired by the passion and determination of its founder. His curiosity for the agave and tequila led him to become involved in the tequila industry from an early in his career. After gaining experience on the tequila regulatory council and working on several projects related to the promotion of the culture and commercialization of tequila, he started his own path.

The idea to create Puerto Maestro was born in the turmoil of the COVID-10 pandemic. Despite the difficulties and the challenges he and his family faced from the virus, they recognized the opportunity to realize his dream of producing premium tequila of the highest quality. So, in January of 2021, the adventure of Puerto Maestro began. The brand represents the passion, the effort and the uncompromising spirit of its founder. Every bottle of Puerto Maestro is the result of years of experience in the tequila industry and an unbreakable dedication to offer an exceptional product.

The history of the brand is intertwined with the personal history of its founder, reflecting his love for tequila and his dedication to excellence.

The name Puerto Maestro invokes a secure harbor. A place where tequila aficionados can find the authenticity and the quality they desire. It represents the final destination in a journey involving challenges and rich with experiences in the world of tequila. Every bottle of Puerto Maestro is a product of this journey, distilled with masterful patience. The values of the brand are centered around authenticity, passion, excellence and the connection with our consumers.

Puerto Maestro seeks to cultivate the traditions of tequila. It is the drink for those with an adventurous spirit who appreciate the special moments in life.  Through its exceptional flavor and superior quality, Puerto Maestro invites its consumers to embark on a unique and memorable journey.  The history of Puerto Maestro is weaved with threads of passion, determination and faith in something bigger. It’s the history of a founder who followed his heart and his dreams, inspiring other to do the same.

With every bottle of Puerto Maestro you share in this history. Every sip is an invitation the consumer to master the journey.




At Puerto Maestro®, we are serious about maintaining a rigorous record of each of our processes. This allows us to have a complete understanding on the traceability of each one of our batches, as well as an open record for every customer to ensure them for the true origin of their unique bottle. We love to share the process that led to this point, where they’re holding it in their hands; from the field where the agave was harvested, to the barrel that it was stored on.


Let’s raise our glass to Mexico. To the history that delights us with the sweetest fruits of the land that gave birth to Tequila. A toast to the opportunity to celebrate Mexico’s elixir, moreover, the will and pride to share it with the whole world.

Faithful to our roots, we believe that the legacy that our ancestors have inherited us must be shared with the whole world. Tequila, our greatest ambassador, allows us to seize this opportunity and allows us to share it with pride and a deep sense of meaning. At Tequila Puerto Maestro®, we understand we’ve been recognized by the true effort and experience of the ancient work throughout generations. For that and some other reasons, we defend our legacy behind the history regarding this emblematic drink of our land… Welcome on board, welcome to Mexico!